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About myself

Welcome to my website!

My name is Mihaly and I met first the technique of Prananadi Healing in 2002. My life was going in the wrong direction and as a result of this, I had a car accident in Hungary which I survived. Shortly after this incident, I have got acquainted with Prananadi and started to realize how it helps my life and contributes to my personal and spiritual development. Since this, I have completed the pieces of training for the first 8 level of Prananadi, for the Prananadi massage (2 levels), for the Paranandi reincarnation sessions (all 4 level) and for the first 2 level of the Prananadi meditation.

I was lucky enough to attend our spiritual tours in Nepal two times and received blessings from our Nepalian masters. Together with our group, I visited different monasteries, we got to know peoples who live there, meditated with them and did the Buddhist fitness movements together. We received important teachings and messages. I really enjoyed the great atmosphere there and this journeys made a great impact on my life.

I have recently got to learn the Puja, which is a spiritual pray from Nepal. This can be a huge support for people who want to avail of distance healing. This can be used for health or life event support. If you want to get to know more of this technique, please feel free to contact me and I am happy to share with you how it exactly works.