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About Prananadi

I greet You who have chosen to walk the path of Prananadi, one of the main energy healing methods present in Hungary.

First, to learn more about Prananadi. The word Prananadi is a word which has been created but is derived from Sanskrit origins.


The meaning of prana: absolute energy, universal life force
The meaning of nadi: river, pipe, vessel, stream, flow.
The meaning of Prananadi: absolute energy flow, universal life force flow.

The method originates from 6,700 years ago: this is when natural healing appeared amongst the people; this is when mankind was taught about the healing effects of plants, minerals and water; this is when humanity learned to use energy and to heal with symbols.

Prananadi has existed in Hungary since February 1993, when we first this name for this healing method. (It started off as Tibetan Reiki but the name had to be changed due to similarity with the name of other methods.) Prana is the original source of all energies. All aspects of Life depend on the quality and vibration of the used and unused prana (absolute energy). Prana is a complex energy system, without it, the physical body cannot exist. Prana (life force) flowing through everything is swirling, moving, vibrating constantly. Prana – due to its swirling movement – builds up energy centers that are connected to the solar systems, all around the universe.

The effects of Prananadi

It supports life-sustaining processes, taking effect on all levels. It accustoms itself to the personal needs of all living and non-living organisms. It supports personal development. It affects healing procedures positively, eases pain and helps to counter fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worries. It helps with overcoming physical and mental burdens. It improves our positive attitude toward other human beings, helping us to know ourselves better and fit in more easily. The first written memories from natural healing methods date back to 3,000 years ago.

Prananadi is not related to any religion so anyone can learn it or ask for a Prananadi healing treatment.
The name and technique of Prananadi became licensed in 2004 at the Patent Office. This was necessary to protect the pureness of the ancient tradition at the level of European laws so that it won`t become confused with any other methods.