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About the Prananadi reincarnation

‘The mind is the essence of all.
If the mind is pure, all is pure.
If the mind is clear, all is clear.
If the mind is well, all is well.
‘My mind is the essence of all.’

How is the Prananadi Reincarnation Technique (or more commonly, traveling) related to the Prananadi Healing technique?

When we heal someone with Nadi, we release the energy blocks causing the illness with the energy flowing through us or sent remotely by us. These blocks contain the history of the root of illness or mental problem. These blocks release more or less while being healed. However, in the case of more serious illnesses it can happen that in the beginning, the state of the patient improves while being healed, but then the recovery rate stops and the state stagnates. When this happens the awareness level of the patient needs to be raised and the source of the illness needs to be looked at so the mind can help with the process of self-healing. This is when the Masters say, ’You should travel on this.’

The two participants of the traveling are the traveler who seeks to find the source of his/ her problems and the guide who aids the traveler to return to the roots of their issue by applying the technique. The sources of our illnesses and mental problems can be traced back to previous stages of our present life until the moment of our birth or can be found in one of our past lives. The patient finds him/herself in an energetically supported, changed state of mind, capable of remembering on anything that happened in the relevant life. One can only travel into a life or event that one is ready to work through mentally. The task of the guide is to aid the traveler during the traveling and to convince the traveler to enter the unresolved and often painful events of the past or present life, finally releasing the pain and suffering by doing so. By reviewing a painful event as it was, it won’t have any effect on us anymore, as we already know all about it. The release of blocks during traveling is often accompanied by crying, laughter, etc. The traveler experiences the cycles of birth and death, and the after-death state of living-on with full consciousness within a fine energy body containing all past life memories, including mental traumas.

The traveler can also review unchanged decisions from many centuries, even millennia ago that still affect his/ her present life. One can also identify the participants of the traveling both in the traveled and present life so that one can have a better understanding of the karmic relationships with others. It is also essential to practice forgiveness for others and ourselves at the end of the traveling as feelings of both vengeance and guilt just keep us tied up in the karmic cycle. So the importance of the past life traveling is not to just look back into the past life but also to reflect upon the present by working through our past life issues.  Opposing the attitude of Western culture towards death, people living in the Tibetan culture understand that death lived through consciously (i.e. during the traveling) helps the recovery of the soul and its journey significantly. You can learn more about this topic by reading the book by Sogyal Rinpoche: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

On the paintings or Thangkas (Buddhist scroll images embedded in silk frames) displayed in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the cycles of death and rebirth are depicted with the Wheel of Life (Samsara).

The Wheel of Life (The Samsara)

The Lord of Death holds the Wheel of Life with his hands and with his teeth.
In the hub you can find the symbols of the three reasons for rebirth:
bird (lust, clinging)
swine (not knowing, ignorance)
snake (anger, hatred)

The following circle is the circle of negative and positive deeds:
In the black field on the right, a dark man pulls human beings downwards with a rope.
In the white field on the left side, human beings are displayed in common clothing at first, then they move upwards as monks and finally they meet the Buddha and attain enlightenment.

The final circle views the six worlds, realms of rebirth in Samsara:

The three higher (or lucky) realms of
gods (deva)
demigods (asura)
human beings.

The three lower realms of
hungry ghosts (preta)


However, there is an incarnation of the Buddha in all the realms who teaches the beings how to get closer to achieving enlightenment.

On the rim of the wheel there are the twelve links of associated causal chain:

  • The first link is ignorance. It is represented by a blind man.
  • The second link is the urge to do something. It is represented by a potter.
  • The third link is consciousness. It is represented by a monkey.
  • The fourth link is name and form. It is represented by two men in a boat.
  • The fifth link is the six senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, spiritual awareness). It is represented by a house.
  • The sixth link is contact. It is represented by a couple making love.
  • The seventh link is sensation (of joy and sorrow). There is a man on the picture who is blinded by the arrows protruding from his eyes.
  • The eighth link is attachment and desire. It is represented by a man reaching out for alcohol.
  • The ninth link is grasping. It is represented by a man harvesting the fruit of a tree.
  • The tenth link is becoming. It is represented by a pregnant woman.
  • The eleventh link is (re)birth. It is represented by a woman travailing.
  • The twelfth link is old age and death. It is represented by a man carrying a carcass.

Conditions of participation on the Reincarnation traveling and course:

  • You don’t need any Prananadi Healing Technique level in order to travel
  • To complete the first level of Prananadi Reincarnation you need to have completed the second level of Prananadi Healing
  • There must be the required length of practice time spent between Reincarnation levels
  • Clear consciousness (avoid alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering medication for at least one week before the beginning of the course or the traveling)
  • There is a minimum age limit of 18 (or 16 years of age in case the disciple’s Master allows it based upon the disciple’s spiritual level)
  • A relaxed state is required (i.e. usual amount of sleep)

Reasons for exclusion:

  • Being under-aged
  • Being under the Influence of alcohol, drugs or mind-altering medications
  • Lack of sleep
  • Serious heart conditions due to heart disease (or for any other reason)
  • Pregnancy (if the disciple’s Master allows it, this is not a reason of exclusion for up to the 16th week of pregnancy)

Levels of Prananadi Reincarnation:

The First level (recommended only after 2nd level of Prananadi Healing):

  • The disciple acquires the method of Prananadi that allows him/her to lead his/her patient to the previous events of his/her present or previous lives. An important feature of the method is that the symbol helps and protects both the traveler and ’travel guide’ during the traveling.
  • Half a year must elapse between the 1st and the 2nd level

The Second level (recommended around the 3rd level of Prananadi Healing):

  • The technique of traveling is simplified and the patient can go into such events that he/she couldn’t face the 1st level.
  • One year must elapse between the 2nd and 3rd levels.

The Third level (recommended around the 5th level of Prananadi Healing):

  • The energy level reached with the completion of the relevant Prananadi Healing level: the inaugurations, self-treatments, meditation, traveling experience and the purification from the multitude of blocks allow the disciple to go back to one’s own past lives (self-traveling). Furthermore, one gets more tools to help patients with their problems.
  • Half a year must elapse between 3rd and 3rd plus level.
  • 3rd +level(recommended only after 5th level of Prananadi Healing):
  • Strengthens the symbols of levels 1-3, making deeper reincarnation experience and stronger emotional block dissolution possible.


The duration of a traveling is up to 2-3 hours on average.
All reincarnation courses last for two days.